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Saratoga Polo Sponsorship Overview

Saratoga Polo has a long distinguished history, established in 1898. The Saratoga Polo brand equates quality and prestige. We anticipate up to 30,000 spectators at this year’s events, with attendance divided into high-end and upper middle income categories. We believe in developing a marketing alliance with our sponsors, one that is structured to be flexible and to assist in generating incremental revenue that will have a proven return on investment.

Why Market with Saratoga Polo

Polo is emotionally powerful, a fast, exciting sport with both beauty and athleticism.

The experience elicits warm, exciting, enjoyable feelings among our guests.

Polo has a very unique mystique associated with it. It’s about family and friends.

Linking with and leveraging the Saratoga Polo brand has tremendous endorsement appeal, along with high-end demographics, ages 30-64.

Brand Awareness

•    Visibility is one of our key objectives.

•    Our fans know and support our sponsors.

•    Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to increase brand loyalty and further relationships with key clients.

•    Partnering with Saratoga Polo has been used to change brand perception and reinforce brand recognition.

•    Saratoga Polo provides a perfect platform for showcasing your products or services via sampling or a product display.

•    Build your brand by association.

Benefit Values to Sponsors

•    On-site signage.

•    Title of proprietary area.

•    Advertising/promotional opportunities.

•    Tickets and hospitality.

•    Employee discount.

•    Community outreach.

Day Cup Sponsorship

A sponsor's ability to name a match or tournament is the ultimate branding opportunity.

At Saratoga Polo, you can associate your identity with a sporting event of a higher caliber than other professional sports sponsorships and at a fraction of the cost.

A Cup at Saratoga Polo puts your name in seasonal press and promotional materials, calendars, signage and day-of-event promotion.

Call Saratoga Polo at 518.583.4145 for more information about how your business can become a valued sponsor.

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