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Old Daley Catering and Events has partnered with the Saratoga Polo Club at the historic Whitney Field as their exclusive caterer. Besides the elegant weddings and opulent events that they are known for, their expertise with amazing barbecues, casual and comfort foods, all make Old Daley the perfect match.

"We are excited to join the 117 year legacy of Saratoga Polo in the Spa City” said Stephanie Pettit, one of the owners at Old Daley. “Polo, with its rich history, pastoral setting and beautiful vistas is a one of a kind location for everything from intimate parties to spectacular large scale celebrations. We have gotten so many requests for weddings and rehearsal dinners, even ones that can be hosted at polo in conjunction with the matches on Friday and Sunday – we are really excited."

Stephanie, and her husband, Jim have worked in catering for most of their lives, and have framed their look at food as a company dedicated to serving their customers and the community with the same care and connection they have with their family and friends.

"Our focus and our goal is to create lasting customer relationships based on trust, honesty, cooperation and complete satisfaction", said Jim Pettit, "After all, we are a company that is made up of great friends and family who love to bring their individual talents together and give them away through our delicious food and outgoing, friendly service.  It is our feeling that the love of what we do and the positive company we've created will always translate into great success for us and those we serve."

…and if you ever wanted to experience the Tournament Season at Whitney Field with exclusive privileges, the Saratoga Polo team has created a great new way to entertain your friends, clients and guests in style!

To reserve your table, call Saratoga Polo at (518) 584 8108 and choose any one or more of our 16 Friday or Sunday match dates July 11 through August 31


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